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Booking terms and conditions

The book terms and conditions apply to Cambridge Surgical Centre only.

We are fully regulated by the Human Tissue Authority ( (opens in a new tab)

  1. Your booking requirements will not be confirmed until payment of a  50% deposit has been received. The 50% deposit must be paid to secure the booking.
  2. The final invoice will be issued on completion of the work and settlement must be made in full within 30 days of the invoice date.
  3. The organizer(s) must provide details of all attendees working in the Centre throughout the period of work. The organizer(s) are responsible for supplying this information, and ensuring it is correct, one week ahead of the date the work is due to commence.

4. Cancellation of work

4.1 If a confirmed date for work is cancelled more than 12 weeks prior to the date it is due to commence, the initial 50% deposit will not be recoverable and the cost of any ordered parts, including procurement, shipping and disposal, will be payable in full.

4.2 In the event that a date for work is cancelled, the organizers will remain fully liable for the cost of the parts, including procurement, shipping and disposal.

4.3 If a date for work is cancelled less than 12 weeks prior to the date it is due to commence, the organizers will be responsible for the full cost of the booking.

4.4 Notice of cancellation must be received by email to the Centre’s team.

4.5 In the unlikely event that the Centre has to cancel work for reasons outside of their control, a full explanation will be provided together with an offer to carry out the work at a mutually convenient later date without penalty to either party and no further cost to the organizer over and above that which applied to the original booking.

4.6 In the event that work carried out (or an individual(s) attending) is seen to not comply with our standards, does not adhere to our codes of conduct, or goes against our HTA obligations, the Board of Directors including the DI reserve the right to cancel or terminate the work and/or arrange the departure of any offending individual(s). In these circumstances, a refund to individuals or organizers will not be considered.

5. Unused parts

5.1 Parts may remain unused either if a booking is cancelled or if parts are unused during the scheduled work that takes place. The Centre remains responsible for these parts in respect of their storage, use and disposal and reserves the right to determine the purpose for which they are subsequently used.

5.2 Parts that are unused as a result of a cancellation, or in a situation where parts remain unused after scheduled work tales place, will be stored in the Centre pending further use. The organizers will have the opportunity to use them for a further booking, but only if date(s) are received and confirmed within 8 weeks.

5.3 In the event that a further booking, during which the unused parts are to be used, is confirmed within 8 weeks, the Centre reserves the right to apply a charge for storage of unused parts until the subsequent session takes place and the parts are used.

5.4 If no such session is booked, there will be no charge for storage and the Centre reserves the right to allocate the parts for alternative work at the discretion of the (HTA) Designated Individual.

5.5 Parts that are not used by the original organizers, and that are allocated for use in alternative work, will not be subject to any refund of costs to the organizers for whom they were originally ordered.

5.6 If, during the scheduled work, it becomes clear that there are going to be unused parts, alternative use of the parts during the session will not normally be permitted, unless specifically authorised by the Board of Directors including the DI and only after full assessment of the alternative work being requested.