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Leading pioneering research in the surgical industry

The potential for research in our facility to improve the standards of care for patients is vast and the possibilities endless.



The centre is fully equipped to undertake basic, advanced and pioneering research into any aspect of the surgery and product development, irrespective of whether or not this requires the use of human tissue.

The centre has the necessary clinical, surgical, technical & organisational resources to maximise the potential of any proposed research in an essential risk-free and confidential environment.


  • Research new surgical techniques 

  • Surgical technique experimentation and development 

  • Uses donated fresh frozen tissue from consented donors  

  • Research into, and development of, instruments and procedures

  • A setting that accurately mimics the live surgical environment without the need for ethical approval and without risk.

  • Research, evaluation & development of new and safer surgical approaches.

  • Evaluation of increasingly complex operations in a patient risk-free environment.

  • Research into the causes of common complications of the surgery, particularly minimally invasive surgery

  • Suitable for Individuals or groups of healthcare workers 

  • Research by companies interested in developing more effective & innovative devices & techniques with which to use them.

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Research into the causes of common complications of surgery, particularly minimally invasive surgery, is now possible and can help to minimise the risk of  complications during surgery. 

Analysis of the anatomical effects of surgical techniques can be made after the surgery to identify pitfalls and complications and establish preventive tactics for future use in live surgery.  
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If you want to learn more about our research, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

"Facilities are excellent and a great plus is the availability of a C-arm (fluoroscopy) and very experienced radiographers. The aim of our project was to develop a new radiographic assessment of ankle syndesmotic injuries.  This was presented at the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society conference and has won the 1st Prize."

Mr Constantinos Loizou