The Innovation and Patient Safety Research Centre

The CUHP Innovation and Patient Safety Research Centre is a facility based at the Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre, which is located within a technology campus with access to sophisticated engineering technology and experienced personnel. The Centre has been established to support and accelerate the development of innovative medical technologies to improve patient safety. The main aim of the Centre is to support health professionals in developing their ideas. There is a virtual team of experts including members of Cambridge Enterprise, PA Consulting, Health Enterprise East and MRC Technology who will offer support to innovators in progressing their idea to reality, and a physical space to develop and test new medical technologies.

The Centre provides a single contact point for innovators, and we are here to support and guide you through the process of taking your idea to reality.

We can assist with the following:

  • you may have an idea for a potential project, but don’t know who to contact
  • you may want to solve a clinical problem with a medical device
  • you have identified an unmet clinical need but don’t know how to solve it
  • advice on intellectual property (IP), funding options and on developing bids
  • access to a team of experts for support and advice.
  • Access to the Simulation Centre

Access to the Centre can be in person, over the phone or virtually through a dedicated website. The first point of contact will be the project lead who will evaluate and assess each enquiry. The project lead will initiate and facilitate discussions between the innovator and the expert. The project lead will ensure the innovator leaves with a clear understanding of the conclusion from the meeting and identify the next steps. There will be an opportunity to discuss funding options, which will allow the innovator to understand the options and implications of progressing their idea to reality. There may be some small pots of seed funding available.

For further information please contact:

Evgeny Dmitriev:

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